At Page Construction, we understand that when it comes to creating additions to your home, there is a lot of information out there and it can be difficult to make sense of it. One of the things we enjoy most about what we do is the opportunity to educate homeowners so they can make the most informed decisions about remodeling or adding onto their homes. Ultimately, we want you to have as much information as possible so you can be comfortable knowing that you are making the best possible decisions for your home and your family.


Adding value to your home


We can construct the perfect addition to fit the architectural design of your existing structure. A well-planned home addition will provide the desired additional space needed as well as adding value to your home. Home additions are a great way to invest in a home while adding amenities and space a family need. Addition projects can include adding space to a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or family room.


Add beauty and space to your home

Basement-Remodeling Wine Bar

A finished basement adds beauty to your home and opens it up to the possibility of additional bedrooms, playrooms, a home theater, an exercise room, an extra kitchen area or a bar. At PageConstruction, we love taking an outdated or unfinished basement and making it new again. Not only does remodeling your basement add value to your home, it can also double your livable area.


A perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality

Forest Bathroom Remodeling Full Bath neighboring Boonsboro

A well-designed bathroom can create the perfect touch such as a stylish powder room, renovated guest bathroom or a beautiful master bath.The bathroom should function in a manner where you feel you have stepped into a private getaway.The layout, materials and fixtures should reflect the true meaning of a rest room.


Freedom to build and expand

Lynchburg Garages and Buildings Steel Freespan neighboring Forest

It is generally less expensive to build an attached garage than it is to build a detached garage. That's because an attached garage utilizes the existing structure of your home and only requires you to build three walls.But on the alternative side, a detached garage allows you more freedom to build and expand. It allows more room for landscaping. A detached garage can provide more usable space around the house.


Well-balanced design to fit everyday usage

Kitchen Remodeling Glass Front Display Cabinet

Over the years, the kitchen has gained popularity as the central, most important room in any home. It enjoys round the clock patronage. Starting from a very early morning breakfast to alate-night snack. The kitchen is a loyal witness to any drama in life. Whether preparing an important meal for family or friends, surprising a loved one on a special occasion or making a special dinner for the grandchildren, the kitchen is always there.


A new space for your family

Outdoor Living - Decks and Porches Poolside Reclining

The beauty and relaxation that is provided by nature and the great outdoors is a common design element that is often incorporated into the design on the inside of the home. With thoughtful design and planning the outdoor living space can create that special oasis that allows the home to flow to the outdoors. Decks, porches and patios are a way to complement the exterior construction of a home as well as provide space to entertain guests and family. Pergolas, gazebos, and fencing can also be used to create special outdoor rooms. Grilling and barbecue spaces are also common ways to create an outdoor kitchen.


Come home to a house you love


Whether you have an older home that you’d like to modernize or you simply want to upgrade with extensive remodeling, a whole-home remodel is a solid choice. Your home should be a reflection of you; it should show your style and suit your needs. A whole-home remodel is a good way to make sure your home’s interior flows well and is designed the way you’d like it to be.

Contact Page so that we can schedule an appointment to begin working out the details for your home project.

Contact Page so that we can schedule an appointment to begin working out the details for your home project.

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