Cellar-Shelter Construction

Cellar-Shelter Construction & Design Services

Page Construction specializes in the construction of The Cellar-Shelter from Page Development Group. The Cellar-Shelter is a multifunction subteranian structure that doubles as both a root cellar and a storm protection shelter, combining the practical applications of a root cellar and the safety aspects of a storm shelter into one application, allowing for a dual purpose structure that can preserve your food while providing shelter to you and your family in the event of a natural disaster.

Severe weather happens, and often times with little to no advanced warning. The Cellar-Shelter provides you and your family an easily accessable shelter to protect yourselves from severe weather such as tornados and hurricanes. With the subteranian design of the Cellar-Shelter you will be protected from the violent weather outside!

Save your fruits, vegetables and nut produce longer through the use of a root cellar, which provides an environment with a constant temperature and steady humidity! Keep your produce from freezing in the winter and keep it cool in the summer! Root cellars can also be used for storing wine, beer and other homemade alcoholic beverages!

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